I need a wig, where do I start?!

It’s the stuff of nightmares. Your hair is falling out in clumps, due to alopecia or chemotherapy. Or it has grown so thin, you can’t continue hiding it under caps, headbands or powdered makeup. You realize you might need a wig. Where you do you start?  If you're in Lansing, or Grand Rapids or Metro Detroit in Michigan (or anywhere else, for that matter), odds are you're going to turn to Google and search for "Wigs in Lansing, Michigan".

The process of searching, evaluating and buying wigs can seem daunting. The price might seem out of reach. You might be afraid of looking like you’re wearing a Halloween costume wig instead of hair. The process of replacing your natural hair with a wig – or, as the medical industry terms it “cranial prosthesis” -  is scary. You don't know if you want a synthetic wig or a human hair wig and you won't know anything about a "lace front cap" and the third result you see is "Cheap Fashion Wigs", surely, not something you want at all!

First, it’s helpful if you have photographs of yourself before you began losing your hair. Gather up photos of yourself when you had a full head of hair, look at hairstyles that you like in magazines, or on web sites like Pinterest. Although losing your hair can be scary, it also gives opportunity for changing your look or having the hair you always wished you had!

A visit to a wig salon is your next step. A private, comfortable space where you can have a private consultation with a wig and hair style specialist is a positive and comfortable way of exploring your options. There are many options for wigs, including full wigs in both synthetic or human hair, toppettes (which clip to your remaining hair), extensions and even integrated wig extensions that incorporate your real hair.  A private consultation will ensure that you’re not overwhelmed by so many wigs, and help you explore options at a comfortable pace. If you want to bring a trusted friend or loved one, or come alone, it’s all up to you.

You probably googled Wigs and ended up at this site. And you know in your search there are thousands (millions) of listings about wigs, but are they good wigs? A great wig is an extension of you. It should make you feel beautiful, confident and, well, you.

You can’t tell that a wig will make you feel your best just from a web site. Nor can you know what hair replacement options are best for you. If you have androgenic alopecia or thining hair, you might be able to incorporate your own hair in to an integrated wig. If you are losing your hair for a short time, such as for chemotherapy, your options might be different than if you have alopecia or hormonal hair loss that can last for many years or even be permanent.

Gather up your photos and ideas, and scheduling a private consultation at a wig salon is your best option for feeling your beautiful self again.