Best gifts for friends and loved ones with hair loss

Women’s hair loss is hard. Give gifts - to yourself, or a loved one to make her feel renewed

You’re going to want to have something that helps you through the journey. This gift list is a great one for “what can I do to help?” questions you might get from friends. And this is just the kind of list you can expect from your wig salon – we get it! It’s about feeling beautiful, and that’s our business to help you achieve that feeling. Share this list or gift yourself, this holiday season.

Hats for hair loss:

Specifically cozy and cute hats. Slouchy beanie hats, soft hats with faux fur pom poms and berets are always great winter style and are functional and cute at the same time. This can be a great crafting project if you’re looking to make a gift for someone you love with hair loss. If you’re making them for yourself, it’s an even better way to get your mind off your hair loss. One friend we know made TWO of everything – she made herself a hat and a hat for another woman with hair loss and donated the second hat to a cancer charity. You can find hats like these everywhere. Click through to our Pinterest board for more inspiration.


Jewelry for hair loss:

Especially earrings. If your hair will grow out later (such as after chemo), earrings are a great way to bridge the awkward gap of having just a tiny bit of hair growth.  Don’t think it has to be diamonds (although those are nice), think of creativity and beauty – earrings are available at all price points, from things kids can craft (tassel earrings in particular, are very easy for kids to craft), to something special from a relative or significant other. There are so many lovely places to buy jewelry in the Okemos, East Lansing and Lansing area. But you can also make them! Check out our Pinterest board for crafty and easy ideas for a gift filled with love (for yourself or others!)




It can be debilitating to go through regrowth of your hair, or perpetual hair loss. A home cooked meal can be a special gift at a time when that one bad day just sends you over the edge. Thawing a yummy dish can be just what you need to get through another day. 


Scarves for hair loss

A beautiful hand painted scarf is a great way to cover your head. Whether you wear it at home for lounging or out in public, it’s a wonderful gift of beauty for someone with hair loss. Often, as hair grows back in, it grows from the crown out, so those silk scarves can be worn as wide headbands as the hair grows from back to front, finally filling in at the original hairline.


Spa treatments:

You betcha! Your wig salon stylist can recommend a spa or beauty salon that would be particularly helpful and understanding. But be aware, at some stages of hair loss, this may induce panic (at having to remove a wig, for instance), so check with your wig stylist for the most private spa experiences.


Wigs for hair loss

Many women with long term hair loss such as through androgenic or autoimmune alopecia will wear wigs for the rest of their lives. A brand new (synthetic) wig from your wig salon is a fabulous gift – and your wig salon can source new wigs at all price points – giving you a fun option, a chance to have dream hair, or even a wig to wear for sports or at the beach (where your primary wig might not be a good fit.)

If you know someone with female hair loss or if that someone is you, a special, thoughtful gift is very appreciated. It might be the thing that helps you get through that day or that week, when hair loss grinds you down. Happy gifting!

Check out our Pinterest boards for more great inspiration on how and what to gift for hair loss.