Avoiding the 'wig conversation' with colleagues, friends and family?

Avoiding the 'wig conversation' with colleagues? Sometimes it's easier to NOT have to explain why you're wearing a wig, toppette or extensions - but if your newly awesome wearable hair has your colleagues and casual acquaintances looking at you twice, you might consider a few creative answers. 

Talk about your beautiful new hair! You never know who you might inspire - directly or indirectly.

Talk about your beautiful new hair! You never know who you might inspire - directly or indirectly.

First, most people will know that you changed something, maybe even your hair, but might not notice that you have dramatically different hair. When going from a short red pixie to a long strawberry blonde look with fellow sports parents, one of our clients found that a few women asked questions, none of the dads did at all. One sports mom said "you look great! Did you color your hair?" when the hair our client had on was ten inches longer, wavy and an entirely different color!  The y kids, on the other hand, were amusing. One boy, a family friend of our client, openly gaped at her as she walked by. Other kids looked shyly, and asked how her hair was so different. Fortunately, our client is comfortable with her hair (and her disease) and said very simply “I bought this new hair because my own natural hair fell out due to a disease.” The child, satisfied, smiled and said “it looks really pretty!”

If you don't want to lie but you don't want to talk about it, you could say "I have the most amazing stylist and she helped me with this new hair look! Thanks for the compliment!" and walk on. Or you could do as a friend suggested:  "yes, it's my hair! I bought it!" 

If you're wondering if your friends and family are answering this question when you're not there, don't worry. Your friend or loved one wants you to be loved and accepted as you are. You can let them steer the conversation in a positive direction by saying "Yep, tell them, ‘Mary got some new hair help at her salon and doesn't her hair look fabulous!’  Will they share that you're wearing a wig? They might!

Would that bother you? Why? Asking yourself these questions might help uncover how YOU feel about your hair now. MOST celebrites wear augmented wearable hair – either toppettes, extensions or wigs – and it’s not a secret or a surprise. They’re in the business of looking great. You deserve that, too!

Most people look so much better with wearable hair – even if their own natural hair is intact - wearable hair is thicker, shinier, younger-looking and styled professionally by your stylist. Wearable hair can take years off a person’s looks and help them feel better about themselves. Synthetic wearable hair has a consistent style even after washing and is professionally styled to remain that way, an easy option if you’re not good with styling your hair. And even human hair wigs or toppettes are styled and then worn for 7-10 days before washing and restyling meaning you can take your time the first time to style it and wear it longer before you have to restyle.

At a family gathering, a beloved aunt who has had thinning hair for decades, sported thicker, younger looking hair. She had on a trendy new cardigan and looked at least a full ten years younger than her actual age. She looked so fabulous, everyone was exclaiming how great the transformation was. Did everyone know? Sure? Auntie had had that barely-there wispy hair on her scalp forever. Did anyone care that she was wearing a wig? NO!  They only cared that she looked lovely and piled on the compliments.

But if you’re in line at the grocery store, and someone compliments your hair, just take it as that. Wigs are not perceptible on virtually anyone who looks at them. Quality synthetic – more affordable than human hair – or quality human hair wigs – are quite well made now, with lace fronts and hand-tied caps that hide wefting and hairlines. You’re going to look wonderful! Bask in the compliments.