Hate wearing your wig or topper?

There are going to be days where you hate wearing hair.

We've been there too! Itchy, hot, bothersome. Read on...

Let’s be up front about hair wearing. It’s awesome! Yet, whether you have thinning hair, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, or hair loss due to chemo, if you wear hair in the form of wigs and toppers, you’re going to have days where you hate wearing wigs and toppers.

A few of our favorite hair wearing hates:

1)    The caps are sometimes itchy. Synthetic caps (particularly the less expensive) have lace panels that show hairlines in the front and along the part line of the hair. The backs are sometimes wefted and have bands of polyester and nylon fabric. If you’re having a hair fall and you’re one of those people who have hair fall that hurts, this can be exasperating at best and painful, at worst. 

2)    The wig around your head will feel like a vise. Particularly late in the day, when your head swells, it will feel tight (yeah, yeah, but it DOES actually swell, not just due to the compliments you’ve gotten on your hair all day!) 

3)    It’s going to be warm. Maybe even bordering on hot, particularly in hot and humid weather.  You’re going to want to rip it off your head.

4)    You’re going to have moments where you hate the hand that fate has dealt you and you’re going to hate wearing hair. Trust us. 

5)    Your itchy, hot, tight head is going to drip down into a crabby you. You might not even recognize it at first. This low level of irritation across a whole day can set you off at the day’s end. Recognize that it’s there, and it’s normal. 

We talk a lot about the joys of wearing hair on our blog and in person, too. But we often don’t talk about the dark side of wearing hair. The emotional side that puts that voice in your head that says you are less than, you are less valued without your hair, that you are not beautiful. That you are less. We know that voice. Sometimes it speaks loudly and sometimes it whispers. Sometimes you can deflect it with a wave of your hand and others, it reaches out and grabs you. 

You’re going to have days where you might even take off your hair in a public bathroom stall and hang it on the hook just to have the thing OFF your head for five minutes.  We’ve done this. Relish it. 

You might even get frustrated with your hair falling out and shave it off (don’t shave it down below ¼” of an inch – pro tip!) 

Acknowledge it.  Own it., Then, let it go. You are not less. You are so much more for having walked this road. You are much more compassionate, you are much stronger, you are much more beautiful because of your struggle. 

The truth is for many people who wear hair, the hair you can buy is WAY BETTER than the hair you were born with. Or maybe you’ve gone all in and you have embraced your hair loss and purchased the hair you have always wanted – your dream hair. If you haven’t done this, consider it. It’s empowering in a way that’s amazing. 

Even with dream hair though, there are nightmare days. Just get home and rip that thing right off your head when that happens. We know many a hair friend in town or on Instagram who hangs her hair up on the coat hooks, or the dining room chair handles, or the bathroom hook. And if you’re bothered by an itchy wig cap, a full WigGrip cap with soft velvet band and lightweight bamboo knit is a blessing. Truly. 

What are your hair hates? We have a private Facebook Group that you have to request to join. You can see the posts from the group members in your feed but no one else outside of the group can see them. Come join us and tell us. We’re here for you. We’ve ripped that hair off our head too. 

Just hang that hair anywhere, sister. We’ve been there. Shot of iWig Human Hair wig on the back of a bathroom door just to have it OFF of the head for a moment!

Just hang that hair anywhere, sister. We’ve been there. Shot of iWig Human Hair wig on the back of a bathroom door just to have it OFF of the head for a moment!