A Wig and a Prayer is not a wig store. Our specialty is customization. All wigs will be cut and/or colored to your specifications.

We have all seen BAD wigs and hairpieces. Please don't let that scare you away from exploring your hair replacement options. Whether you have thinning hair due to hereditary or environmental hair loss, alopecia, trichotillomania or you will be facing total hair loss due to chemotherapy, there are options for you. More importantly there are GREAT options for you!

For years wigs were called WIGS. Now you will see them referred to by many other terms such as hair system, piece, topette, addition, integration, crown extension and cranial prosthesis just to name a few. All this marketing magic is meant to steer our brains away from the word "wig" because of the negative stigma that wigs have had over the years. There are definitely still plenty of bad wigs out there, but there are a lot of incredible ones too. Many of which are so natural looking that most people would never be able to tell it wasn't your own hair. So the name is not as important as the quality. At A Wig and a Prayer, you can rest assured that quality is our highest priority.