I understand the relationship between a woman and her hair. We all know that a bad hair day can take a perfectly good day and ruin it. On the flip side of that, a great new haircut can make a bad day seem a whole lot better. So why do we hear people say, "well, it's just hair", when we know that it is so much more than that? Our hair is part of our identity and contributes to us "feeling" beautiful or not. Therefore, the prospect of losing our hair seems like a sentence of a whole lot of BAD days ahead. This is completely aside from whatever the cause is for the hair loss. I believe that when we feel beautiful, we feel better. I believe in putting your beauty in the hands of someone you trust. I believe it's more than "just" hair.

I decided to start A Wig and  Prayer after a visit to a wig store with a friend who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. Suffice it to say, the wig store experience fell WAY short of my expectations for a person facing the reality that she not only had cancer but would soon lose all of her hair. Upon leaving the store with my friend who left more discouraged than when she entered, I knew that this was going to become my new passion. I knew that women needed a better option than than the one I had just witnessed.  

I began to dream about the experience that I would want if I were ever in the situation of hair loss. I would want a personal consultation in private. I might want to have "my girls" with me or maybe I would just want to be alone. I would want to learn about all of my choices so that I could make an informed decision. I would want my new hair to look the same as or better than my old hair. Most of all, I would want to have someone who cared about me, that I could trust to make me feel and look beautiful.

I am so excited that my dreams are now a reality. A Wig and a Prayer will give women the level of service and quality they deserve.

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