How to wear a wig or topper for camping, boating, adventuring, wine tasting, bicycling, and vacationing.

Successfully managing the logistics of wearing hair, or all the things you’ll need to wear a wig or topper for camping, boating, adventuring, wine tasting, bicycling, and vacationing.

Before your hair began thinning, or you lost it due to chemo or alopecia, you probably didn’t think much about the logistics of camping, boating, adventuring, bicycling or vacationing with your hair. If you had long hair, you had a headband or a hair elastic with you, likely tucked away in your purse or car or bag. If you had short hair, you might have not needed a thing except a comb (and even then, maybe just your fingers run through your pixie!)

But now you wear hair, and you’re wondering “just how do I manage all this?” You might even be tempted to stay home.

Don’t stay home! Get out there, adventure!  Learning to manage wig and topper wearing while camping, boating, adventuring, bicycling or even wine tasting tours is embracing life with a bit extra!


No matter the adventure, you can find a spot to hang your wig. This is in a locker on a 38-foot sailboat in the Caribbean.

No matter the adventure, you can find a spot to hang your wig. This is in a locker on a 38-foot sailboat in the Caribbean.

Wearing a wig or topper while camping and Boating

If you’re camping in a tent, consider where your hair is going to go when you sleep. If you’re car camping, hang your hair on the headrest of your car (no kidding!) or on a wig hanger on the handles in the back or front seat. If you’ve got synthetic hair and it might get too hot in your car, hang the wig hanger from the inside of your tent (most tents have  a mesh gear loft or hanger on the inside.

You can also wrap the hair in a scarf and place it in a soft protective bag – being sure to stuff a tee shirt or something inside the crown to maintain the crown’s shape. 


Wearing a wig or topper while boating

If you’re wearing your wig or topper while boating, wear a wider, stretchy headband like a Buff headband to secure the front of the wig while you race around the lake or ocean. This will also help tame the hair in the wind. Wearing the headband from your forehead over and past the crown will help secure and protect your wig. If you’re staying on the boat, most have lockers where you can hang your wig on a wig hanger (even the 38 foot sailboat in the Caribbean shown here, has plenty of lockers big enough to hang a wig). 

Bring the extra things you’ll need for adventuring during the day:

If you’re wearing a wig for adventuring, consider a backup or less costly synthetic wig so your primary expensive wig is safely stowed while you go zip-lining or swimming. 

Wearing a wig while camping

A Wig and a Prayer client hangs her wig on the back of the head rest of her car when car camping. A hat covers her head for adventuring, including roasting marshmallows and sitting by the bonfire at night (keep your synthetic hair FAR away from high heat near fires!)

A Wig and a Prayer client hangs her wig on the back of the head rest of her car when car camping. A hat covers her head for adventuring, including roasting marshmallows and sitting by the bonfire at night (keep your synthetic hair FAR away from high heat near fires!)

You’ll need some extra gear for camping (same as for boating): Swim caps for swimming and snorkeling, Buff head tubes for hiking and climbing, sun hats for pool-side all work to keep you cool and covered. 

Consider hats with hair (see how these work in our blog post here) for camping, hiking, boating and other outside adventures. These halo hats feature elastic bands or velcro that attach the hair to the hat or rest on the head (elastic bands) leaving your scalp bare and cool under your hat.

Wearing a wig while bicycling

For bicycling, your helmet might not fit! Try it on with your wig and undo the ratchet “roc loc” in the back a few clicks. If your helmet doesn’t fit, and you’re riding longer distances, consider leaving your wig behind OR wear a hat-hair-wig and use a Buff or scarf to cover your scalp – the resulting thinner scarf or Buff may allow you to snug your helmet and will be a lot more comfortable.  For serious cycling of many hours in the summer, wear a Buff or scarf only, or possibly with a clip-on faux pony tail extension secured to the base of the scarf or Buff for off-bike adventures. 

 Wearing a wig on a wine tasting tour

For adventures of a different sort, like wine tasting  (summer sun, outdoor breeze) definitely consider hat-hair accessories, which offer the coolness and the style of a great hat with attachable hair or halo style hair. 


The dark side of hair logistics

You’re going to be envious of everyone else who doesn’t have to pack five things to manage their hair on your adventures. You’re going to get weary over having to plan all these details and make sure you consider possibilities for hair for all the day’s activities. You’re going to probably get hot under that wig, it’s going to make you cranky.

Managing the logistics is having a base set of gear for most adventures. For me, that is a Buff, a hat and a wig with some way to store it or hang it when I’m not wearing it (safely, such as a silky carry bag and an extra tee shirt for the crown-stuffing.) At a minimum, I go everywhere on every adventure with that setup. If it’s important to be spontaneous, keep a wig kit bag in your car or your (larger) bag or purse at all times.  I also keep a spray bottle of witch hazel with a few drops of peppermint essential oil to cool my scalp (rip off that wig in a private spot and spray your head.)  If you’re going somewhere, say, a winery, by bicycle, either wear hat-or scarf-attached hair or take your wig in a small drawstring backpack bag as you ride. A great looking wig go-bag can double as your larger purse. 

The light side of hair logistics:

You can protect your hair from all those adventures. Water tubing? No problem – just remove your ‘good’ hair (swap for pool hair or a swim cap) and when you’re done, your clean, dry, styled hair is ready go out to dinner. Same goes for snorkeling, hiking and other adventures that require sweaty/salty/watery experiences. Your hair will always look fabulous after you’re done!  Odds are there is someone who is really envious of your great looking hair on that adventure you’re on! 

Synthetics never lose their style – so even if you rinse it out and shake it, it’ll dry styled and ready to go.  So they make great travel partners on the go. 

The most important thing to remember is a little bit of prior planning, a go-bag for your hair/wig accessories,  you can be ready for any adventure. Don’t let hair keep you home. Your adventuresome spirit and your energy need to be out there! 





Hate wearing your wig or topper?

There are going to be days where you hate wearing hair.

We've been there too! Itchy, hot, bothersome. Read on...

Let’s be up front about hair wearing. It’s awesome! Yet, whether you have thinning hair, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, or hair loss due to chemo, if you wear hair in the form of wigs and toppers, you’re going to have days where you hate wearing wigs and toppers.

A few of our favorite hair wearing hates:

1)    The caps are sometimes itchy. Synthetic caps (particularly the less expensive) have lace panels that show hairlines in the front and along the part line of the hair. The backs are sometimes wefted and have bands of polyester and nylon fabric. If you’re having a hair fall and you’re one of those people who have hair fall that hurts, this can be exasperating at best and painful, at worst. 

2)    The wig around your head will feel like a vise. Particularly late in the day, when your head swells, it will feel tight (yeah, yeah, but it DOES actually swell, not just due to the compliments you’ve gotten on your hair all day!) 

3)    It’s going to be warm. Maybe even bordering on hot, particularly in hot and humid weather.  You’re going to want to rip it off your head.

4)    You’re going to have moments where you hate the hand that fate has dealt you and you’re going to hate wearing hair. Trust us. 

5)    Your itchy, hot, tight head is going to drip down into a crabby you. You might not even recognize it at first. This low level of irritation across a whole day can set you off at the day’s end. Recognize that it’s there, and it’s normal. 

We talk a lot about the joys of wearing hair on our blog and in person, too. But we often don’t talk about the dark side of wearing hair. The emotional side that puts that voice in your head that says you are less than, you are less valued without your hair, that you are not beautiful. That you are less. We know that voice. Sometimes it speaks loudly and sometimes it whispers. Sometimes you can deflect it with a wave of your hand and others, it reaches out and grabs you. 

You’re going to have days where you might even take off your hair in a public bathroom stall and hang it on the hook just to have the thing OFF your head for five minutes.  We’ve done this. Relish it. 

You might even get frustrated with your hair falling out and shave it off (don’t shave it down below ¼” of an inch – pro tip!) 

Acknowledge it.  Own it., Then, let it go. You are not less. You are so much more for having walked this road. You are much more compassionate, you are much stronger, you are much more beautiful because of your struggle. 

The truth is for many people who wear hair, the hair you can buy is WAY BETTER than the hair you were born with. Or maybe you’ve gone all in and you have embraced your hair loss and purchased the hair you have always wanted – your dream hair. If you haven’t done this, consider it. It’s empowering in a way that’s amazing. 

Even with dream hair though, there are nightmare days. Just get home and rip that thing right off your head when that happens. We know many a hair friend in town or on Instagram who hangs her hair up on the coat hooks, or the dining room chair handles, or the bathroom hook. And if you’re bothered by an itchy wig cap, a full WigGrip cap with soft velvet band and lightweight bamboo knit is a blessing. Truly. 

What are your hair hates? We have a private Facebook Group that you have to request to join. You can see the posts from the group members in your feed but no one else outside of the group can see them. Come join us and tell us. We’re here for you. We’ve ripped that hair off our head too. 

Just hang that hair anywhere, sister. We’ve been there. Shot of iWig Human Hair wig on the back of a bathroom door just to have it OFF of the head for a moment!

Just hang that hair anywhere, sister. We’ve been there. Shot of iWig Human Hair wig on the back of a bathroom door just to have it OFF of the head for a moment!

Winter hats with attached hair extensions

Winter hats with attached hair are perfect for women with hair loss due to alopecia, androgenic alopecia, thinning hair, and chemotherapy-induced hair loss.


It’s winter hat season! A cute casual winter hat look for women with hair loss is to wear hats with attached hair.  A Wig and A Prayer customers are testing out the Adorna synthetic extensions for hats, and a selection of these is available at A Wig and a Prayer in Okemos.

Hats with hair?! Yes, please! Whether you’re rocking a casual outdoor look while shopping, snowshoeing, walking the dog, hanging out with friends or sledding with the kids, hats with hair offer the warmth of a winter hat with the style of attached hair. 

Most hair + hat extensions include hats with Velcro sewn on the inside (the loopy soft side of Velcro on the hat, and the hook side on the hair attachment band). This is ideal if you have dedicated winter hats to wear with your hair, but you might want to use the same hats you use without hair and wear your hair hat extensions. The solution is to attach it to a Goody elastic band. This particular band is available only on Amazon (we haven’t seen it in local stores.) It is slightly grippy, which holds the hat extension AND keeps it in place on your head (whether or not you have hair.)  It comes in three “natural” colors (blonde, brown and dark gray) which matches with the hair. Shown here is blonde on the Warm Blonde Adorna synthetic hair extension. 

To attach the hair to the elastic band, fold the hair in half to find the center back. Align the center back to the back of the elastic band and begin smoothing the Velcro hair band along the headband. It can be a bit tricky to get it to lie smooth, so go slowly and pull it back to adjust as you need it.  To wear the hair, put the band on with the headband across your forehead and just below the crown of your head in back. Add any hat to the top!

If you’re using this under a winter sports helmet (it would drive some of our testers bezerk to have this on), you can wear a soft beanie instead of a full hat to fit under your helmet. Or for indoor wear, you can carry a thinner smooth knit beanie style hat and swap the winter outdoor hat for the beanie for indoor wear (duck into the restroom to make the swap if you’re at a ski hill.) Or you can opt to keep the hair in it’s carrying case until après ski and change into the hair with beanie for indoor wear.

Note, with synthetic extensions, you do have to be careful of high heat so stand a little bit back from that outdoor bonfire or indoor fireplace if you’re wearing synthetic hair to avoid damaging the hair due to the heat. 

We tried this with two winter hat styles, a typical  knit winter hat and a knit winter hat with a plush and warm fleece lining. Both worked fine, but the tighter fit of the fleece lining can irritate some by pressing the hair extension into the scalp. You can try this on your own hats to see what looseness of hat you prefer to wear with hair hat extensions.

Hats with hair are a great way to not have to wear a full wig AND a hat (which can be irritating) for winter casual wear.

Wig and Topper Hair Storage Ideas

Wig Storage Ideas that are creative and easy to do!

Shown here, an upper cabinet in a bathroom transformed into Hair Central for a client. She uses the shelf to store her styling head, baseball hats (for post-wig wear), wigs and hat extensions

Shown here, an upper cabinet in a bathroom transformed into Hair Central for a client. She uses the shelf to store her styling head, baseball hats (for post-wig wear), wigs and hat extensions

A good view of the tension bar and wig hanger with the hat hair attachment hanging on a clip hanger. This system is easily replicated in a closet like this if you remove an upper shelf.

A good view of the tension bar and wig hanger with the hat hair attachment hanging on a clip hanger. This system is easily replicated in a closet like this if you remove an upper shelf.

When you first start wearing hair, you might have just one wig, and you might have it on your head during the day….but at some point, you’ll need to take it off. How do you store a wig – and more than one wig? Or how do you safely store long-hair wigs and toppers?

You can store your wig on your styling head, of course, and this works if you have one wig. You could also set up your travel / drying stand and air out your wig that way too, storing them on a dresser or counter. You could store two wigs that way, but you may find they are in the way.

If you are managing several wigs (2-3 wigs, plus caps and hats) you need a better system. This one utilizes the open space at the top of a bathroom or linen closet and uses a commonly found inexpensive tension bar, and  hanging wig hangers to manage a selection of fun hair wearing options.

In this case, the client worked with a personal organizer who helped her clean out her bathroom closet and create a great wig storage space that is beautiful and functional. This space was previously large bottles of lotion (moved to a lower shelf) that created this open space for wig storage that is out of the way and protected. 

The top shelf of this cabinet had a lot of room above it (you could also remove a shelf from a linen closet or bathroom cabinet such as this, or remove a shelf from a row of shelves in a standard closet too.) 

·     Purchase a tension bar that will span the width of your space

·     Purchase these wig  hangers (2-pack) on Amazon

·     Hang your wigs

·     Use the shelf for storing the styling head, travel wig stand/ air drying stand, wig caps and hats

You can also use pant and skirt style hangers to clip toppers and attachable hair and hang.

Having a dedicated space for your hair protects the hair when you’re not wearing it, and creates a ‘boutique’ experience of deciding which hair to wear on any given day. Wearing hair as an accessory is a way many women embrace hair wearing, even though their choice to wear hair in the first place wasn’t their own.

Wearing wigs and toppers likely means that you may acquire ‘seasonal hair’ like accessories, meaning if you’re not looking for better storage options now, you will be soon!





Fall is our very favorite hair wearing season!

After the heat of summer, when you wanted to rip your wigs off your head within 1 minute of being outside, fall is knocking on our door here in mid-Michigan. And it’s our favorite hair-wearing season!

“Flannel Hair” - a warm tonal outfit with rich fall colors that coordinates beautifully with your fall hair color. This is Strawberry Shortcake (27MB) in the Jon Renau Sarah wig.

“Flannel Hair” - a warm tonal outfit with rich fall colors that coordinates beautifully with your fall hair color. This is Strawberry Shortcake (27MB) in the Jon Renau Sarah wig.

Changing your hair look by wearing wigs is not only fun but it’s good for your wigs. You can extend the life of all of your alternative hair for hair loss if you have more than one to wear. Fall is also a great time to wear hair – summer’s heat and humidity is gone, and yet, winter’s chill winds (which still blow through your wig cap – seems unfair) isn’t upon us yet. Fall is one of the most delightful seasons to experiment with different hair – fall’s warmer, richer colors also lend themselves to a change in hair color. And wigs are SO EASY to change your look.

We recently came across the term “flannel hair” – the cozy, warm shades and tones of hair in the fall from deep strawberry blondes to red and caramel-highlighted browns and auburns – these darker colors, with darker roots, lend themselves perfectly to fall’s cozy layers of flannels. Everyone love sweater weather. Now you can love Flannel Hair weather too!

Human hair wigs can have custom color - so check with your wig stylist about updating your color for fall. Current color trends include rooted colors (darker at the roots, lighter about 2-3” away from the roots, sometimes going to platinum blonde), bayalage (dark at the roots, tapering into a lighter color at the ends of the hair) as well as mixed-blend colors (like the Strawberry Shortcake 27MB shown above.)

Finding hope in hair loss online

Hair loss sucks. It really does! Whether yours has been thinning for years, or if you’re newly bereaved by hair loss through autoimmune diseases like alopecia, or dealing with chemo hair loss, losing your hair can be traumatic.

But you're not alone in hair loss:

A Wig and a Prayer #alopeciaawareness

Finding your tribe of hair loss friends can be difficult. In a smaller city like Lansing (or even smaller, like Okemos or East Lansing), finding a hair loss buddy can be all but impossible. 

But you can find a tribe online and not only be inspired by their resilience, but come to know the joy of augmenting your hair (and just how many people actually do it!)


Instagram is a wealth of stylish and energetic faux-hair wearers and you can do a hashtag search of terms like #alopecia #alopeciaareata #hairloss #wigs and wig brands like #jonrenau and #follea, and #ellenwille. These popular brands, which Jessica uses for her clients at A Wig and a Prayer, can show you how others look in similar wigs, but more importantly, by following them, you can see that MOST of them not only accept their hair loss but they have embraced it. Some even say hair loss has changed their lives for the better! 

We follow the following accounts: @majalabee, @jonrenau, @rosemarie_fit, @tressedtwo, @alopeciablondie, @hopeandmane, @kellie_snaps and of course @awigandaprayer


You can find Facebook groups associated with Alopecia or Cancer Hair loss. You can follow wig brands like Jon Renau and Follea for inspriation and style ideas

You can do a hashtag search in the search box in Facebook, or just search for a term such as Michigan Alopecia Support

You can also find private message groups such as Alopecia World which serves a global community for all types of alopecia. These groups offer valuable support, advice on a wide range of topics from products to navigating health care options. 

Chemo-related hair loss support:

Most people undergoing cancer treatment will regrow their hair in 6 months following treatment. Your cancer center can guide you to support groups for cancer – and in there you’ll find like-minded people who are also going through chemo and cancer treatment. 

Crossover to alopecia groups for more advice. Since alopecia is a life-long condition that affects hair loss well beyond the post-chemo period, you can get a lot of great advice and support from other women who wear wigs and have worn them for years, or even decades. Even though the experience of cancer is not the same, the experience of hair loss – and the power of embracing it – is very helpful. 

Stop by your wig salon for your wig styling appointment and talk with your stylist about ways you can care for your hair - but also find others. If your stylist works with other cancer survivors, she knows of the local events or groups that you can join. Plus, she can help with the nitty gritty details like lashes, brows and make-up - all important details to helping you through hair loss. 

In the Lansing, Michigan area, Sparrow Hospital has cancer support groups for patients. Inquire at your oncology clinic for more details. 





It’s hot! Tips for wearing a wig in the summer

Tips for wearing a wig in the summer? We've got answers!

Summer has arrived and with it, heat and humidity. What do you do if you’re an alternative hair wearer and what type of hair is cooler?

First off, human hair will be more comfortable in the heat, but like bio hair, it will often behave on its own in the humidity unless you use products on it (just like your own bio hair.)  But ALL hair systems use synthetic caps to attach the hair.  So at some point, there’s some synthetic against your head. 

The interior of a 3-year old Follea full wig. The lace front at the top and even the wefting on the bottom (which is different then than Follea wigs are now) show that you can see daylight through the hair fibers.  Daylight=cooler wig wearing.

The interior of a 3-year old Follea full wig. The lace front at the top and even the wefting on the bottom (which is different then than Follea wigs are now) show that you can see daylight through the hair fibers. Daylight=cooler wig wearing.

A good rule of thumb is if you can SEE through the cap, it’s going to be cooler. So look through the wig cap and see if you can see daylight. Daylight = breeze. If not, save that big heavy wig for cooler days.  Your wig stylist can selectively “thin” wigs down to create less volume (and less heat) for you, so if you’ve loved that synthetic wig all winter, and are in the 4th+ month, consider having it thinned for summer. With care, most synthetic wigs have a 9-12 month shelf life, and at 4+months, having it trimmed to wear the rest of the summer may be a good option. If it’s brand new, wear it for evening wear or cooler summer days.

Short hair wigs will also be cooler in the summer, for obvious reasons that you don’t have heavier hair hanging down the back of your neck. Wigs with less volume, too, will be cooler, to let airflow in.  Consider the pixie, an angled bob, a fun wavy bob or even straight wig looks thinned down for cooler hair wearing in summer’s heat. 

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, you’re going to want to rip that wig right off your head! Plan ahead: wear a scarf or tie it to your bag, and bring a wig travel bag, so you can take your hair off in your car, tie on a headscarf and safely transport your wig home. 

Bring a small spray bottle with witch hazel, distilled water, and a drop of essential oils. The (tiny amount) of oils will be cool and refreshing to your scalp. A spritz inside your wig cap will help with the “stinkies” after a long day of wearing in the heat. You may have to wash your wig more than usual – consider washing just the cap and conditioning the rest of your synthetic wig to preserve the fibers.  I’ve even washed just the bangs of my human hair wig when they developed that greasy look. Just washing a few parts of the bangs preserves my wig’s color and strands. 

A wigGrip band (not cap) is ideal for summer, as it is soft and doesn’t cover your whole head. You can also use a silicone gripper band.  Many people swear by whole head bamboo wig caps for summer, too. 

Wear your long wigs braided or pulled up – try a loose updo to keep the hair off the back of your neck. 

Get a few hats. You can wear any hat with a headband to cover the sides and back of your head. This is a cool option for summer – so look for one-layer headbands in sports lycra (such as those worn for running or yoga).  And then, look for natural fibers like straw, or linen/cotton or even hats with mesh panels for cool coverage.  Bear in mind that summer bonfires are not kind to your synthetic wigs - stay back from the fire or consider swapping for a scarf or hat so you don't damage your hairpieces. 

And jump in the pool! Check out our swimming and summer wig wearing article here.

Summer is a time of glorious weather and with a bit of extra prep, you can enjoy your faux hair fun while managing the heat. 






How to grow long hair in less than a week!

That’s a sexy headline! I scrolled across that one on Pinterest the other day. Presumably, the post was about some magical serum. But you all know that’s not true, really. There isn’t a magic serum you can use to grow long hair in a week. However, it IS true you CAN get long hair in less than a week!

If your hair is thinning, patchy, lackluster, and maybe, due to your age, just not looking like it used to anymore, there are many great options that your local wig salon and wig stylist can help you with.

Toppettes are very small caps that are woven in and attached to your bio hair to create length, fullness and younger-looking hair. They’re comfortable, they last for up to 4 weeks, and they can be washed and heat styled, just like your bio hair. This is a fabulous option if you’ve had thinning hair for a while and just want to have great looking hair again.

Extensions are added into your hair at other points (other than the crown of your head like a toppette). Extensions can be glued, woven or even using a special crimping clip that can be reused again. They also stay in for 4-6 weeks and can be washed and heat styled.

Wigs offer full coverage. If your hair is too fragile or there’s too little of it (say, due to androgenic or autoimmune alopecia), you can get a full head wig that is lush and beautiful. Depending on your budget and lifestyle, either a synthetic or human-hair wig can offer the best look for you.  Many wig wearers have both synthetic and human hair in their wig wardrobe – synthetics offer easy care and fun, affordable options to change your look up, while human hair wigs are more durable, can be colored and styled just like bio hair.

The best part about faux hair or at least fun hair is that it is just that – fun! You can have fun and you can grow long hair in less than a week (about the time it takes to sit with Jessica, your hair loss stylist at A Wig and a Prayer, order your perfect hair system and get it back for your styling and fitting session.

What are your #hairgoals? Longer, thicker hair? Covering up thinning, graying locks? Adding some oomph to your style? Having your dream hair?  Whatever your #hairgoals, a wig, topper or extensions can be a great option.

What are your #hairgoals? Longer, thicker hair? Covering up thinning, graying locks? Adding some oomph to your style? Having your dream hair?  Whatever your #hairgoals, a wig, topper or extensions can be a great option.




Avoiding the 'wig conversation' with colleagues, friends and family?

Avoiding the 'wig conversation' with colleagues? Sometimes it's easier to NOT have to explain why you're wearing a wig, toppette or extensions - but if your newly awesome wearable hair has your colleagues and casual acquaintances looking at you twice, you might consider a few creative answers. 

Talk about your beautiful new hair! You never know who you might inspire - directly or indirectly.

Talk about your beautiful new hair! You never know who you might inspire - directly or indirectly.

First, most people will know that you changed something, maybe even your hair, but might not notice that you have dramatically different hair. When going from a short red pixie to a long strawberry blonde look with fellow sports parents, one of our clients found that a few women asked questions, none of the dads did at all. One sports mom said "you look great! Did you color your hair?" when the hair our client had on was ten inches longer, wavy and an entirely different color!  The y kids, on the other hand, were amusing. One boy, a family friend of our client, openly gaped at her as she walked by. Other kids looked shyly, and asked how her hair was so different. Fortunately, our client is comfortable with her hair (and her disease) and said very simply “I bought this new hair because my own natural hair fell out due to a disease.” The child, satisfied, smiled and said “it looks really pretty!”

If you don't want to lie but you don't want to talk about it, you could say "I have the most amazing stylist and she helped me with this new hair look! Thanks for the compliment!" and walk on. Or you could do as a friend suggested:  "yes, it's my hair! I bought it!" 

If you're wondering if your friends and family are answering this question when you're not there, don't worry. Your friend or loved one wants you to be loved and accepted as you are. You can let them steer the conversation in a positive direction by saying "Yep, tell them, ‘Mary got some new hair help at her salon and doesn't her hair look fabulous!’  Will they share that you're wearing a wig? They might!

Would that bother you? Why? Asking yourself these questions might help uncover how YOU feel about your hair now. MOST celebrites wear augmented wearable hair – either toppettes, extensions or wigs – and it’s not a secret or a surprise. They’re in the business of looking great. You deserve that, too!

Most people look so much better with wearable hair – even if their own natural hair is intact - wearable hair is thicker, shinier, younger-looking and styled professionally by your stylist. Wearable hair can take years off a person’s looks and help them feel better about themselves. Synthetic wearable hair has a consistent style even after washing and is professionally styled to remain that way, an easy option if you’re not good with styling your hair. And even human hair wigs or toppettes are styled and then worn for 7-10 days before washing and restyling meaning you can take your time the first time to style it and wear it longer before you have to restyle.

At a family gathering, a beloved aunt who has had thinning hair for decades, sported thicker, younger looking hair. She had on a trendy new cardigan and looked at least a full ten years younger than her actual age. She looked so fabulous, everyone was exclaiming how great the transformation was. Did everyone know? Sure? Auntie had had that barely-there wispy hair on her scalp forever. Did anyone care that she was wearing a wig? NO!  They only cared that she looked lovely and piled on the compliments.

But if you’re in line at the grocery store, and someone compliments your hair, just take it as that. Wigs are not perceptible on virtually anyone who looks at them. Quality synthetic – more affordable than human hair – or quality human hair wigs – are quite well made now, with lace fronts and hand-tied caps that hide wefting and hairlines. You’re going to look wonderful! Bask in the compliments.






Live Video Reveal of the Jon Renau Sarah Wig

There's nothing more fun than getting a new hair - and it's even MORE fun when it's a very dramatic change for a client with alopecia areata. Jessica, the salon owner of A Wig and a Prayer, puts a Jon Renau Sarah in color 27MB on Ann for the first time.  The Sarah is a synthetic wig from Jon Renau with a hand-tied cap with lace front. Ann is wearing the WiGrip headband integrated wig cap combo to protect her scalp (which is very sensitive). 

Jessica also shows how this wig can be worn up if her client chooses to do so. 

How to travel with your wig

Preparing your wig for travel: a wearable hair how-to

Have wig, hit the road?  Maybe that’s not the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, you might be tempted to just hole up at home, with the extra work of traveling with a wig. And how do you travel with a wig, anyway?

Here, a Follea wig on a travel wig stand with wig accessories like a Wet brush, a Wig Grip wig cap with integrated wig band, and a Buff tubular scarf for when your wig isn't on your head. 

Here, a Follea wig on a travel wig stand with wig accessories like a Wet brush, a Wig Grip wig cap with integrated wig band, and a Buff tubular scarf for when your wig isn't on your head. 

You’ll need a few things to travel with your wig successfully:

How long are you going for?  A week in a beachy location might mean that you only wash your wig once (if at all), and for sure a week on business you probably won’t have to. Where you’re going and how often/long you’ll be wearing your wig will necessitate what you have to bring.

First off, know that the TSA will not require you to take off your wig. In fact, they won’t even know you have it on if you're in the PreCheck line. In the big body scanner, they can see it, but unless you have something tucked up under your wig, they won't hassle you at all. Travel confidently! 

1)    A portable travel wig stand – these are plastic, and fold completely flat even in the smallest carry on suitcase or even a 30L backpack (we’ve done it! More than once!) Your wig stylist can hook you up with one when you get your wigs

2)    Your wig brush - we like the Wet brand brush

3)    Wig conditioning spray in a travel size bottle

4)    Wig shampoo and conditioner in travel bottles

5)    Clips or WigGrip headband (and a backup headband)

6)    A second wig or a backup headcover for when you’re not wearing your primary wig

7)    A travel case – while you can pack them into your wig box, a safer way is a large plastic storage container (like Ziploc). Put your wig in it’s bag, stuff the crown with socks or undergarments to hold the shape – or a few scarves – and place it in the plastic box. We didn’t trust this to the airlines’ cargo, preferring to take our wigs in our carry on bag.

8)    A couple of scarves and Buffs for workout, swim and athletic activities outdoors

9)    A sun or winter hat (depending on destination)


Overseas flights present unique challenges  - you’re not going to want to wear that wig to sleep in it on the plane or for 10 hours. Plan ahead and take your wig bag into the restroom and carefully put it in it’s box (or just do a quick change at your seat with Buff headwrap and wig).  Bring a small travel sized bottle of witch hazel to rub your head down before you put your wig back on in the “morning”.

When you get to your hotel or residence, caring for your wig is the same at home – washing, styling is all the same as usual.  If you’re going for a longer trip, you may be washing your wig at least once. If you’re going on a shorter trip, just placing your wig on your stand at night and spritzing it with the conditioning spray is probably suitable. Bring a dry shampoo for the ends that touch your face, if needed. 

A traveling wig stand snaps flat and lays even in a smaller backpack for travel. 

A traveling wig stand snaps flat and lays even in a smaller backpack for travel. 

You might be tempted to just not travel – the hassle of wig wearing on the road might seem daunting, but as a world-traveler with many business and pleasure miles under my belt, I’d say, go for it. There’s nothing quite like travel – to jar you out of your current zone and give you a new, happier outlook on life.





How celebrity culture is changing how we view wearing wigs

In the not too distant past, wearing a wig for hair loss was something that you did in secret. Slinking to your wig salon or stylist and whispering “my hair is getting too thin”.  But wig wearing, hair augmenting style is not only become accepted, but it’s becoming mainstream!

You can name a dozen celebrities on the red carpet wearing at least augmented hair. If not a wig. And you’d still be short a lot of names! The Kardashians – love ‘em or leave ‘em – have shown that hair is for fun and changing it is even more fun. Singer/Songwriters like Zendaya show us that daily wig wearing is imaginative and enjoyable. You can name any celebrity and be almost 100% sure she’s worn a wig, extensions, toppette added to her bio hair.

Wig wearing for hair loss should be just as fun as wearing accessories like jewelry. But it sometimes takes a big step to change your frame of mind. If you’re experiencing hair loss and want hair that is ‘invisible’ from your usual look – ask yourself why?

Do you want to appear healthy to friends and family? Colleagues, clients and co workers? Most wearable hair is lush, thick and looks youthful. Your present hair (thinning or gone) probably doesn’t. You’ll look better with augmented hair – younger, healthier and happier.

Do you want to appear as if everything is going along well, even though you might be sick (from chemo or other autoimmune medication)? A lush, beautiful head of hair – yours or wearable – shows that you are healthy. Even if you’re slogging through a tough time. It’s a boost of confidence at a time when you need it most.

Do you think that a sudden hair change (from, say, short to long) is too jarring? And it might invite questions? One of our clients shares this experience she had when she ran into a client with her weekend hair on.

“I saw a client at my office with my ‘work hair’ on Friday. And then I happened to run into he and his family at the library not 24 hours later with my ‘weekend’ hair – which was radically different (longer, darker, wavier) than my work hair. He did a double take and I quickly said ‘it’s not my real hair – I have an autoimmune condition so I wear a wig’ and he said ‘oh, it looks great!’ and that’s pretty much it. When I saw him the next week, at a meeting, he said ‘hey, work hair again!’”

As it turns out, it wasn’t as big of a deal as she’d expected.  And her client was reassured that she was OK, and probably also had a deeper level of respect for the work that they accomplished together, as she was doing it fighting an additional battle. She appeared confident in her hair-wearing and that translates into work confidence.

Which brings us back to celebrities.

Most celebrities recognize that the photographic and videographic appearance is the key to their careers – and changing their look attracts interest and excitement. So they embrace visible change to their hair – color, dramatic cuts and even just thickness and body of wearable hair to craft that.

Wearing lots of different hair can help you enjoy wearing hair. We rarely get the chance to cut off all our hair on Tuesday and have long, wavy locks on Wednesday. Changing your hair is a big step in feeling good about yourself – and wearing hair allows you to have different looks depending on your day and lifestyle.

If you’re unsure, synthetic wigs offer a lower-cost experience to wearing different styles of hair. Ask your wig salon stylist for options, have an honest conversation with her, and consider your dream hair  in the process. Few of us get to own our own dream hair – but you can, and you can wear it Tuesday and maybe again on Saturday.

A short visual list of celebrities who wear hair (credit: In Style)










How hair loss can lead you to your dream hair

Hair loss can allow you to have the hair you've always wanted! Wigs, toppettes and extensions give you options to be whomever you want to be (today)

Maybe this is your dream hair? Whatever your dream hair, you can own it!  Jon Renau Mila Wig, a line of wigs that A Wig and A Prayer recommends.

Maybe this is your dream hair? Whatever your dream hair, you can own it!  Jon Renau Mila Wig, a line of wigs that A Wig and A Prayer recommends.

Experiencing hair loss, whether due to chemotherapy, androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata or other autoimmune conditions can be devastating. You’ll go through the stages of grief and loss on your journey – but when you get to acceptance (even briefly), you might consider your dream hair.

We all have that image – the person we always wanted to be (whatever that might be) and she has HAIR. Amazing hair. Dream hair. That dream hair can absolutely be yours now. Yep! Hair loss brings the realization that we could, in fact, have the hair we’ve always wanted. Because, all you have to do is buy it!

Make an appointment at your wig salon (but not a wig store), and sit down with your trusted stylist and talk about what your dream hair really is. Is it long? Short? Another color? Straight? Curly? Easy to care for?  Just by exploring what you’ve always wanted for hair, your stylist can show you options that are affordable, fun and will do a lot to get you not only back to the you you love, but maybe even transform you into the you you always dreamed about.

Maybe you’ve had this idea in your head that you wanted California blonde-kissed hair with long gorgeous waves. Maybe your big dream life was to take off, that blonde hair streaming in the wind as you drive in your Jeep down a sun drenched coastal highway, your trusty dog by your side. Maybe your dream hair person is clad in a bikini, and she’s completely confident in how she looks. She’s got her surfboard, her backpack and her freedom. At night, she sits around a bonfire (with a heat-safe wig!) and sips a beer with her friends.

Or maybe your dream hair is strolling down the Champs Elysee, in a beautiful faux fur coat, a red pixie with attitude and a French flair. Maybe she’s dolled up in a gorgeous spring dress in the most romantic city in the world, with her beau by her side. 

Quite possibly, your dream hair is sleek and gorgeous in an edgy bob, as she takes in a modern art exhibition, in The Big City, her black gown and statement jewelry speaking volumes about her confidence as she moves through her world.

Or maybe your dream hair is relaxed, braided and casual in denim and boots as she chases kiddos around a picturesque farm. Your casual and happy dream hair is happy under a wide brimmed  hat, riding a gorgeous horse.

Whatever your dream hair is, whatever the you that you always wanted to be – you can HAVE that experience, by buying your own dream hair. Few of us get to do that, and justify it. Even fewer are brave enough to do it. You might have to, but you can let it inspire, accelerate and change you in the process.

What’s your dream hair? 

Schedule an appointment to discuss your perfect you.

Thinning hair? Your Wig Salon Stylist has some clever tricks to hide receding and thinning hairlines in women


Think of it as thinning hair magic! Products, tips and cuts for thinning hair and receding hairlines in women. 

Identify where your problem areas are and work with a cut and color that minimize them. This might mean changing a part, growing out a section of hair and coloring to maximize your hair’s present thickness or lack thereof. Gravitate toward hairstyles that look best with thinning hair, and you might find an easier style that looks great, too!


On the left, using a product called Xfusion. On the right, the original hairline after blow-drying and before applying Xfusion. 

Use spray-on root touch up to cover larger areas. Think of this as spray paint for your scalp – covering up the lighter spots where you can see your scalp will give the illusion of hair where you might be a bit thin.

Use a keratin fiber powder to thicken thinning hairlines. This powder has a ‘puffer’ style applicator that “puffs” fibers into your hair, attaching themselves to nearby hair and your scalp, creating thicker coverage.

Consider a toppette! Toppettes attach to the bio hair and can either be worn and removed daily or stay in for up to 4 weeks.  They’re seamless and blend in with your own hair. You can wash and style them as usual. They come in human hair options as well as synthetic. Check out this post for more information on toppettes.

Consider creative styling – wearing barrettes to pull aside thinning hair to a thicker area of hair is one way to managing thin spots.

It can be devastating to suffer years of androgenic alopecia, or large patchy alopecia areata – these tools and products will help you make the most of the hair you have. Your wig stylist will help you with the best solution - and maybe even all of them - depending on how your hair loss is progressing.