Winter hats with attached hair extensions

Winter hats with attached hair are perfect for women with hair loss due to alopecia, androgenic alopecia, thinning hair, and chemotherapy-induced hair loss.


It’s winter hat season! A cute casual winter hat look for women with hair loss is to wear hats with attached hair.  A Wig and A Prayer customers are testing out the Adorna synthetic extensions for hats, and a selection of these is available at A Wig and a Prayer in Okemos.

Hats with hair?! Yes, please! Whether you’re rocking a casual outdoor look while shopping, snowshoeing, walking the dog, hanging out with friends or sledding with the kids, hats with hair offer the warmth of a winter hat with the style of attached hair. 

Most hair + hat extensions include hats with Velcro sewn on the inside (the loopy soft side of Velcro on the hat, and the hook side on the hair attachment band). This is ideal if you have dedicated winter hats to wear with your hair, but you might want to use the same hats you use without hair and wear your hair hat extensions. The solution is to attach it to a Goody elastic band. This particular band is available only on Amazon (we haven’t seen it in local stores.) It is slightly grippy, which holds the hat extension AND keeps it in place on your head (whether or not you have hair.)  It comes in three “natural” colors (blonde, brown and dark gray) which matches with the hair. Shown here is blonde on the Warm Blonde Adorna synthetic hair extension. 

To attach the hair to the elastic band, fold the hair in half to find the center back. Align the center back to the back of the elastic band and begin smoothing the Velcro hair band along the headband. It can be a bit tricky to get it to lie smooth, so go slowly and pull it back to adjust as you need it.  To wear the hair, put the band on with the headband across your forehead and just below the crown of your head in back. Add any hat to the top!

If you’re using this under a winter sports helmet (it would drive some of our testers bezerk to have this on), you can wear a soft beanie instead of a full hat to fit under your helmet. Or for indoor wear, you can carry a thinner smooth knit beanie style hat and swap the winter outdoor hat for the beanie for indoor wear (duck into the restroom to make the swap if you’re at a ski hill.) Or you can opt to keep the hair in it’s carrying case until après ski and change into the hair with beanie for indoor wear.

Note, with synthetic extensions, you do have to be careful of high heat so stand a little bit back from that outdoor bonfire or indoor fireplace if you’re wearing synthetic hair to avoid damaging the hair due to the heat. 

We tried this with two winter hat styles, a typical  knit winter hat and a knit winter hat with a plush and warm fleece lining. Both worked fine, but the tighter fit of the fleece lining can irritate some by pressing the hair extension into the scalp. You can try this on your own hats to see what looseness of hat you prefer to wear with hair hat extensions.

Hats with hair are a great way to not have to wear a full wig AND a hat (which can be irritating) for winter casual wear.