Finding a wig you love (in Michigan)

From the moment you know your hair is going to fall out (or has fallen out enough to consider covering it up) you are thinking “how will I ever find a wig I love? In Michigan, no less?”

There ARE replacement hair options on line, of course. And you’ll probably Google that right away and come away with too many choices to decide. How will you know what is right? What’s the best kind of hair? Synthetic or human? What is too expensive? Too cheap?

And the big kahuna: will everyone know you’re wearing a wig?

First, let’s get that big one out of the way. No. It’s very hard to tell today’s well-made, modern wigs from human hair. As opposed to costume wigs, good, well-made wigs whether synthetic, or human hair, are made well enough to hide. In addition, your wig stylist will trim the lace on your lace front wigs to just enough to hold the hair in place, but so it cannot be seen (an online or not-so-good wig shop won’t do this for you – they may send you away with “just trim that off if you want” and you’ll be terrified to do so!)  If you buy it online, you're even more on your own -  your stylist may be terrified to cut into or alter your wig (many need to be shaped, trimmed and thinned out to look good on you.)

A wig should be fit to you – no one-size-fits-all wigs – you should order it in a small, medium or large cap, depending on your head size for the best fit. Even the clips on the bottom of the wig aren’t designed to cinch it down to your head. Be sure the stylist you’re working with measures your head to ensure the best cap fit for you.

You’ll want a Wig Grip headband (and other accessories) that your wig stylist will provide to you with your wig purchase. These are relatively inexpensive add-ons that really make a difference in styling and caring for your wigs. This includes special shampoo, conditioning spray and styling tools that will work for your type of wig.

Finding a wig you love should be an interactive experience. Your stylist should ask you to reflect on the kind of hair you love (or hair you have/had) and explore with you what you’re looking to achieve, what your lifestyle is and how you’ll wear your wig. Finding a wig you’ll love in Michigan is possible!