Thinning hair? Your Wig Salon Stylist has some clever tricks to hide receding and thinning hairlines in women


Think of it as thinning hair magic! Products, tips and cuts for thinning hair and receding hairlines in women. 

Identify where your problem areas are and work with a cut and color that minimize them. This might mean changing a part, growing out a section of hair and coloring to maximize your hair’s present thickness or lack thereof. Gravitate toward hairstyles that look best with thinning hair, and you might find an easier style that looks great, too!


On the left, using a product called Xfusion. On the right, the original hairline after blow-drying and before applying Xfusion. 

Use spray-on root touch up to cover larger areas. Think of this as spray paint for your scalp – covering up the lighter spots where you can see your scalp will give the illusion of hair where you might be a bit thin.

Use a keratin fiber powder to thicken thinning hairlines. This powder has a ‘puffer’ style applicator that “puffs” fibers into your hair, attaching themselves to nearby hair and your scalp, creating thicker coverage.

Consider a toppette! Toppettes attach to the bio hair and can either be worn and removed daily or stay in for up to 4 weeks.  They’re seamless and blend in with your own hair. You can wash and style them as usual. They come in human hair options as well as synthetic. Check out this post for more information on toppettes.

Consider creative styling – wearing barrettes to pull aside thinning hair to a thicker area of hair is one way to managing thin spots.

It can be devastating to suffer years of androgenic alopecia, or large patchy alopecia areata – these tools and products will help you make the most of the hair you have. Your wig stylist will help you with the best solution - and maybe even all of them - depending on how your hair loss is progressing.